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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Branding, How To | 1 comment

How a Business Can Use Pinterest

How a Business Can Use Pinterest

The new darling of the social media world is a little thing called Pinterest, a site that I heard about from my bosses wife (yup, I got scooped by a soccer Mom). But that is ok, because Pinterest was targeting soccer moms!

As a business or brand you might think that all you have to do is post up some cool aspirational photos and some stuff you sell and call it a day. But when you consider that the average annual household income of someone on Pinterest is $100,000+, that people spend an average of 15.8 minutes on the site and more than 1 in 5 Pinterest users has pinned an item that they later purchased, this is a social media tool that can’t be used lightly or ignored.

So on that note, here are some rules for Pinterest:

  1. Create Boards That Are Useful: Too often I see brands create boards that have NOTHING to do with their product. Home Depot is a good example of this, they have amazingly beautiful boards but half the stuff featured isn’t sold at Home Depot. I heard one person argue that because Home Depot pins beautiful homes on their boards people will think of them for their next renovation project. But the truth is, if Home Depot pins a cool idea but they don’t tell you what the paint color is in the pin, or where at Home Depot you can get something similar, the pins are just eye candy.
  2. Pin Things That Are Useful: Considering Pinterest is a platform that encourages sharing, it would be a shame to post something that leads people to a dead end when they click on it. Before you pin or repin anything, check the destination of the pin. For all you know the picture leads to a competitor’s blog or something even less savory.
  3. Show Off Your Brand: Just because you can pin exclusively about your brand doesn’t mean you have to just show off your product. Your brand is a lifestyle, a point of view, a culture, and creating boards that reflect that help customers and potential customers understand what you are all about. If you are a beer brand for example, create a board called “places you should drink X beer” or if you are a dress company “places you can wear X brand”. Check out the awesome boards that we created at Sanuk to see more ideas.
  4. Use Descriptions: This is your chance to make your images very searchable (hello SEO!), so when you pin or repin something make sure you have a description. If you don’t then when someone searches for your cool item it will not show up in their search.
  5. Use Hashtags: Rather than running around trying to find your company on Pinterest which can be hard, encourage people to use a hashtag that you created when posting about you and your products. At Sanuk we use the hashtag #mySanuks, and all the posts via Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest end up on one board where we recognize our customers for being rad. It also gives us something to measure against when it comes to engagement.

Next week I will cover third party tools that make managing and measuring your Pinterest account easier. Until then, happy pinning.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for these tips! Our ad agency needs an in-house social media guru like yourself. I’ve been wondering about Pinterest. Some people make jokes about it being used by bored housewives, but guess who has the majority of the consumer buying power in our country? I will be referring to this for our clients and look forward to your next blog.

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